Rising Stars Tutoring Program

Rising Stars Tutoring Program: Summer Learning

Start the Next School Year Strong!

Give your child the best possible start to the upcoming school year. A little extra practice each week this summer can ensure they are fully prepared for the next grade level. Our Rising Stars online tutoring program is tailored to each child’s specific needs to help them succeed in the areas they struggle with most. Kids look forward to weekly sessions with our tutors because we make learning fun!

Avoid Summer Learning Loss

On average, up to two months of reading and math skills are lost during summer break. Known as the summer slide, this phenomenon occurs due to a lack of practice when kids are away from the classroom for an extended amount of time. The good news is, summer learning loss can be prevented by incorporating just two or three hours of study to your child’s weekly routine. Our Rising Stars Tutoring Program provides the individual attention students need to stay on track academically throughout the summer months.

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