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Online Tutoring & Christian Discipleship for All Ages in Columbus, GA and Beyond

Private online tutoring and college prep
Christian discipleship

Building Brighter Futures

Bright Destiny, Inc. exists to train and develop disciples who will impact their communities and the world through an effective Christ-centered ministry. We believe that every person deserves to reach his or her “bright destiny.”

The vision of Bright Destiny, Inc. is to be God’s instrument in the training and development of church leaders, teachers, laypersons and students from preschool to postsecondary. Our desire is to help people understand the Bible and fulfill the Great Commission by offering spiritual, material, academic and financial support.

Our Philosophy

Christ Ready

We believe biblical literacy is the foundation for success.

College Ready

We help students prepare for college through high-quality, Christian-based curriculum.

Career Ready

We provide scholarships for continuing education and professional development.

College and career prep
Christ ready through biblical literacy

Helping All People Reach Their Bright Destinies

Pre-K through High School

Private online tutoring for remediation, enrichment and college prep

College & Career

Scholarships and support for college students and career-minded individuals


Empowering people of all races, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds


Supporting those who served our country in their next steps toward God's calling

Our Team

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